Wyze Reboot

Turning the gunsights back to Wyze Labs and unpacking nearly three years of revelations.

Wyze Reboot

The last three years has seen substantial shifts in global Chinese policy. Something that looks tantalizingly like an "offensive" against the PRC now exists in the security services of the West. The rise of Intrusion Truth was one of the best examples of this.

This is perhaps the largest shift in the tactics and techniques of the democratic powers since the Hainan Spy Plane incident of April 2001, which would bring together various patriotic amateur Chinese hackers. These hackers, who would take down Whitehouse.gov in the weeks before September 11th,  would go on to found some of the oldest, most successful, and largest MSS fronts in China. NS Focus being the best example of all this.

History aside, it is now time for us to turn the gunsights back to Wyze. Since our original article the day after Christmas in 2019, a lot has changed. There has been a certain matured understanding of Chinese intelligence activities by the employees of this company. Multiple Wyze employees have contacted us, sharing eye-opening insights from within the company. The pipeline of patent and IP theft from Amazon and AWS has grown increasingly obvious. Revelations involving TikTok, a Chinese company heavily dependent on video streaming, has shed even more light on what exactly Wyze does with all the "video".

Lastly, a few pronounced insights, emerging from healthcare companies in San Diego, the state security bureaus in Tianjin, and bank accounts run by Peking University, have stitched all this together into an incredible story of aggressive modern day espionage.

In the next post, all of the original work involving Wyze is going to be retold and resummarized to get interested parties up-t0-speed. For those curious, the original posts, #1 - #7, can all be found on the Internet Archive below: