Whisper Essay 2 - Missileers

Military members across the US are being blackmailed by being lured into honeypot sexual blackmail groups. We give some background to how this is done as well as the GPS data they are collecting.

Whisper Essay 2 - Missileers

Wyze Detour:

The staff of Whisper are spies for the Chinese Ministry of State Security. This has previously been claimed for  Wyze and that will be shown two days from now. Very briefly, the evidence level against Wyze should be rated as "German Record Keeping" because there is just so much that is incriminating. Millions of documents from the Tianjin State Security Bureau from Elasticsearch clusters gathered over the last 10 months with all the watermarks one would expect of official Chinese government documents. I warned the attorneys from Perkins Coie several hours ago, including Eric Weis who I have great respect for and actually has a degree in Computer Science, that they needed to be prepared to drop them as a client.  

They were part of a conspiracy called the "Xiaomi Ecological Toolchain" program, which was supposed to hide the fact that Xiaomi existed as 150 companies making the same IOT platform and cameras. This was done because of the situation with Huawei, and the fact that it became too big of a target to effectively work anymore and made the Western powers too nervous.

Their connection to the Tianjin State Security Bureau, also known as APT 10, who were behind the infamous Cloud Hopper attacks, is also shown in the documents. Additionally much of what will be written in this post can be confirmed with members of the Chinese Executive Congressional Company, who I have enormous respect for. Additionally Peter Mattis (who can confirm at least a few things in here if you ask him) should know that I owe him personal thanks for his book "Chinese Communist Espionage" that came out in November from the Naval Press Institute. I would also like him to know that I have identified the name, function, and org charts of the 16th and 17th Bureau of the MSS, previously unknown to US intelligence community. I am enormously proud of this fact, which required learning the hardest thing I ever have studied as a sysadmin for the last decade (Elasticsearch), and I hope it servers as a small token of thanks for his work.


What follows is very true, very interesting, and only a subset of the evidence can be posted simply due to how much there is. Additionally, I find it surprising the coverage that Whisper got. Yes the Shenzhen State Security Bureau is bad, but they are not that competent, at least compared to the Shanghai State Security Bureau. We will show breaches from them later that are in my opinion are bigger than Whisper by a large margin. Large American companies are involved in this. Because we are writing about it here we are going to in advance recuse ourselves from any legal work, fees, or moneys we could collect from the lawsuits that will follow these disclosures. All of them involve the CCPA, so the money is significant. I am happy to update what I've said here to close every possible loophole where we could receive a hefty hefty payoff. I very much mean it.

Below is a screenshot from the hefty hefty payoff I could have taken earlier today had I not thrown down the gauntlet and wrote this post. It comes from their formerly of HUAWEI vp of engineering. Also caching issues don't exist on a cluster of their size configured the way it was. I am happy to go over the _health and _settings endpoint data we pulled with any Elasticsearch engineer who feels to the contrary. I have not replied and never will.

Military Data:

  • Whisper has lied about working with the Department of Defense. No one at DoD has ever worked, asked for, or can produce evidence of ANY relationship with Whisper.
  • Whisper has a special database index of military related blackmail information. We have this information and it contains the full names of thousands of service members. We are going over the data with a Lieutenant Colonel and his AG and are deciding what to do with the data and the implications under UCMJ.

Years ago Whisper pretended to start a military suicide prevention program in order to defer suspicion that they were gathering military members data. It never happened and no one at the Department of Defense will produce any piece of evidence to the contrary. Again this never happened because it was lie to cover up a crime.  

Additionally, military data is routinely combed for blackmail related information. Network requests show that this data is immediately sent back to China. As best we can tell, it appears to proxy through the 381 subdomains under the Kik.com domain. The domains have a series of numbers in them which appear to refer to the /16 subnet in Asia where the data is sent. So for example if a subdomain was "talk11820an", that would be mean send audio data to for Android phones. The "an" stands for Android.

The specific GPS data Whisper was after was that of 1,381 Department of Defense sites across the world. This same list is actually used by other apps, forming a complete, live, planetary surveillance system. It the most terrifying thing I have ever seen. From the Pacific to the Aleutians to North Carolina and Cairo they have a single unified dashboard of a large portion of service members. We are posting the full list below. This was the best decision to do, it is preposterous and amusing to see who will say otherwise, and yes we already showed it to the FBI and the Department of the Army. Also it is pretty much all available via the Open Street Map anyway. A reporter did ask me yesterday if it included Area 51 data, and I thought that was not likely at all but to humor her I checked. And sure enough it included the entire Area numerical system from the Atomic Energy Commission who first created it decades ago. Area 7, Area 15, etc. The full list will be at the bottom of this post.

Below is, for the most part, a completely anonymized map of individuals in Washington a few days/weeks ago although we aren't going to going into detail. It is a subset and I am not going to say of whom. It comes from more than the Whisper app, and after the query was written to gather all of the data, we uploaded it to Google Maps to produce the below.

All of these points are accurate to the 20-meter level. Whisper does not obfuscate GPS data in anyway, and actually goes to great lengths now to get accuracy to the centimeter level. This is why they began collecting SSID data of users wifi, in order to leverage a Skyhook like service. Additionally the centimeter level accuracy is very doable, and probably not that exotic. The best lesson of electromagnetic spectrum research / history is that no matter how cool you think satellites are, terrestrial based antenna systems always win in the end. Hence why you are using a "cell phone", so named for the cell of coverage formed around an antenna tower, and not a satellite phone.


Whisper tracks any Points of Interest a user enters. What constitutes a POI is defined for them and also regularly updated for them by the MSS. They still track all GPS data of every user as the app pings back I want to emphasize. As for the interest points it appears to be military POIs and then just regular POIs.

Some of the regular POIs, which is a list of about 20,000 places in the US, appear to contain legal adult gentleman's clubs but also what we are going to hypothesize is brothels that form some sort of human trafficking network. We were able to come to that conclusion after cross referencing parts of the list with arrest sites, and were surprised to see how much overlap there was with massage parlors and places where prostitution busts were made. We didn't analyze the full list, but some of the points are also mundane grocery stores.

Anyway attached to every user is a special field call osm_ids. This list contains all of the numerical Open Street Map Identity numbers that a user ever visits going back to 2012. Because permissions were much less defined for phones back years ago, the data there can be incredibly revealing. Also people don't regularly uninstall apps and indeed forget about them most of the time, so a user can use the app once but still build up an extraordinary amount of GPS data even up to the present moment.

Whisper also has a feature called "feeds" (somewhat similar to groups) that often have the same name as POIs. I am looking forward to reading tomorrow Whispers reply to the question of who exactly created a "feed" for every Minuteman III nuclear missile silo in North Dakota and Montana. All 400. This would have had to have been done manually within the map and not simply taken from OSM (which will be there excuse for how those points got there in the first place).

A screenshot is below. I will talk tomorrow about what all of the sexual data is for, but for now you should know that groups are created for all of the military locations you see at the end of this post. If you ever search for these special places, join the group briefly, etc. you are added to a "special" list Whisper keeps internally. The list below is a user, either a bot or a real person working in an office (think IRA), who follows only two types of groups. Sexual interest groups that could offer a lifetime of blackmail material, and US Nuclear Missile silos in the most remote parts of the Dakotas and Eastern Montana.

First these silos are the subject of a small wikipedia war, with individuals engaged in deleting them and then adding them back to wikipedia. This data is in no way public, and the fact that it is on Wikipedia funny and preposterous. No other page that an average user will ever come across has data curated to such an extraordinary degree of care and presentation. Also the person who originally found the Whisper cluster, which surprisingly wasn't me even though I usually do the full pipeline of target acquisition, ingest, and analysis, only did this by looking at source IPs of edits to those pages.

The full list of military sites is below:

12 Service Battalion
14/a. Zona Militar
144 Airfield Engineering Squadron
17a Zona Militar
188th Fighter Wing Air National Guard Security Squadron
193rd Special Operations Wing PA ANG
2100 Walkley Road
23rd Marines, 4th Marines Division
24a Zona Militar
25 Zona Militar
2749 Inuvik Army Cadets
27º Batallón de Infantería de Marina
32 Batallón de Infanteria
3rd/329th IO (Support Battalion)
443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron
51e Ambulance de campagne
8 WING - CFB Trenton
89 Batallon de infanteria
89th Army Reserve of Wichita
Aberdeen Proving Ground
Academia Policías
Adelphi Laboratory Center
Aeropuerto Nacional Fausto Vega Santander
Air 1
Air National Guard
Alabama National Guard
Alaska National Guard Armory
Aliamanu Military Reservation
Alki Point Lighthouse
Alpine Tower & Litter Evac Course
Alzada Mini-Mutes Radar Site
Amphibious Base Coronado
Anderson Readiness Center
Andrews Air Force Base
Anniston Army Depot
Area 1
Area 10
Area 11
Area 12
Area 15
Area 16
Area 17
Area 2
Area 20
Area 22
Area 25
Area 26
Area 27
Area 29
Area 3
Area 30
Area 4
Area 7
Area 8
Area 9
Armed Forces Recruiting
Armed Forces Reserve Center
Armed Forces Retirement Center Gulfport
Armurerie des Canadian Grenadier Guards
Army Aviation Support Facility (Oklahoma National Guard)
Army National Guard
Army Reserve
Army Reserve Center Orlando
Arnold Air Force Base
Arnold Air Force Base Airport
AUX Field
Avon Park Auxiliary Airfield
AZ National Guard
B T Collins Army Reserve Center
Bakersfield Emitter Site
Barksdale Air Force Base
barrie armories
Barry M Goldwater West Range
Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range
Base Aerea Militar No. 12
Base Aerea No. 9
Base des Forces canadiennes Bagotville
Base des Forces canadiennes Gagetown
Base des Forces canadiennes Greenwood
Base des Forces canadiennes Saint-Jean
Base des Forces canadiennes Valcartier
Base Exercise Evaluation Skills Training Area
Base militaire de Senneterre
Base Militar Santiago
Batallón de Infantería de Marina - Fusileros Paracaidistas
Bay Street Armoury
Beale Air Force Base
Beatty Street Armoury
Bel Air Armory
Belleville Armoury
Bellmore Maintenance Facility
Bellows Air Force Station
Benton Air Force Station
Bernard Franklin Armory - Georgia National Guard
Bessborough Armoury -- 15 BC Field Regiment (RCA)
BFC Farnham
BFC Montréal - Garnison Montréal
BG Louis G. Smith Armory
Blasting Area
Blue Ash Air Station
Blue Grass Army Depot
Boeing Airborne Laser Facility
Boise Air Terminal Air Guard Station
Bolling Air Force Base
Brampton Armoury
Brea Recruiting Office
Brighton Compound
Brockville Armoury
Broken Arrow Armed Forces Reserve Center
Buckley Air Force Base
Buffalo Coast Guard Station
Bumpy Oak Military Installation
C.F.B. Edmonton (Cardiff)
C.F.B. Edmonton (Riverbend Receiver)
Cadet Summer Training Center (TASCTC)
California Air National Guard
California Army National Guard Armory
California National Guard Amory
California National Guard Armory
Camp Atterbury
Camp Beauregard
Camp Blanding
Camp Bonneville
Camp Bouchard
Camp Bullis
Camp Clark
Camp Cook
Camp David
Camp Dawson Air Force Reserve Center
Camp Dodge
Camp Fretterd
Camp Grafton Training Center
Camp Grayling
Camp H. M. Smith / Marine Corps Base Hawaii
Camp Johnson
Camp Joseph T Robinson
Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas National Guard
Camp Lincoln
Camp Livingston (historic)
Camp Mabry
Camp Malakole Military Reservation
Camp McCain
Camp Murray
Camp Navajo
Camp Parks
Camp Peary Military Reservation
Camp Pendleton South
Camp Perry Air National Guard Station
Camp Perry Range Bullet Impact Zone approx (3.5 miles offshore, boaters tune to Channel 16)
Camp Rapid
Camp Rell
Camp Rilea
Camp Ripley
Camp Roberts
Camp San Luis Obispo
Camp Smith
Camp Stanley
Camp Swift
Camp Villere
Camp Wesley Harris
Camp Williams
Camp Williams Military Reservation
Camp Withycombe
Campo Marte
Campo Militar 26-A
Campo Militar 31 A
Campo Militar 37-A
Campo Militar 37-C
Campo Militar Numero 1
Canadian Forces Base Alert;Station des Forces canadiennes Alert
Canadian Forces Base Kingston
Canadian Forces Base Shearwater
Canadian Forces Base Shilo
Canadian Forces Base Toronto
Canadian Forces Camp Vernon
Canadian Forces Maritime Experimental and Test Ranges
Canadian Forces Station Barrington
Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC)
Cannon AFB
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Cape Cod Canal Access
Cape Cod PAVE PAWS Radar Station
Cape Lisburne Long Range Radar Site
Cape Lisburne Long Range Radar Station
Cape Newenham Long Range Radar Site
Cape Newenham Long Range Radar Station
Carling Campus
Carlisle Barracks
Carolina T-Wall & High Ropes Course
Cavalier Air Force Station
CDF Training Site
CENCAP Poligono de Tiro
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Centro de Estudios Superiores Navales
CFB Alert
CFB Borden
CFB Cold Lake
CFB Comox
CFB Dundurn
CFB Edmonton
CFB Esquimalt - Albert Head
CFB Esquimalt - Dockyard
CFB Esquimalt - Mary Hill
CFB Esquimalt - Naden
CFB Esquimalt - Rocky Point
CFB Esquimalt - Work Point
CFB Gagetown
CFB Greenwood
CFB Halifax
CFB Kingston
CFB London
CFB Masset
CFB Montreal
CFB Moose Jaw
CFB Nanoose Bay
CFB North Bay
CFB Shearwater
CFB Shilo
CFB Stadacona
CFB Suffield
CFB Uplands
CFB Wainwright
CFB Willow Park
CFB Windsor Park
CFB Winnipeg
Champ de manoeuvre Banff
Champ de manoeuvre Korah
Champ de manoeuvre Sudbury
Champ de manoeuvre Sussex
Champ de tir Cedar Springs
Champ de tir et champ de manoeuvre Meaford
Champ de tir et champ de manoeuvre Petawawa
Champ de tir et champ de manoeuvre Shilo
Champ de tir et champ de manoeuvre Valcartier
Champ de tir et secteur d’entrainement 5e GSS
Champ de tir Prince Albert
Charleston Air Force Base
Chocolate Mountains Gunnery Range
City Employee Training Facility
Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing
Claiborne Range
Clarks Island
Clausen Tracking Site
Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point
Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod
Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater
Coast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay
Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak
Coast Guard Auxillary Rochester
Coast Guard Base Charleston
Coast Guard Base Honolulu
Coast Guard Base Mobile
Coast Guard Base South Portland
Coast Guard Communication Area Master Station Pacific
Coast Guard Communication Station (Point Reyes)
Coast Guard facilities
Coast Guard Hospital
Coast Guard Station Atlantic City
Coast Guard Station Bayfield
Coast Guard Station Boothbay Harbor
Coast Guard Station Cape Canaveral
Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment
Coast Guard Station Cape May
Coast Guard Station Charlevoix
Coast Guard Station Coos Bay
Coast Guard Station Destin
Coast Guard Station Fire Island
Coast Guard Station Frankfort
Coast Guard Station Galveston
Coast Guard Station George
Coast Guard Station Grand Haven
Coast Guard Station Grand Isle
Coast Guard Station Grangeville
Coast Guard Station Grays Harbor
Coast Guard Station Holland
Coast Guard Station Humboldt Bay
Coast Guard Station Indian River Inlet
Coast Guard Station Jones Beach Freeport
Coast Guard Station Jonesport
Coast Guard Station Los Angeles-Long Beach
Coast Guard Station Ludington
Coast Guard Station Manistee
Coast Guard Station Marquette
Coast Guard Station Milwaukee
Coast Guard Station Moriches
Coast Guard Station Neah Bay
Coast Guard Station New Haven
Coast Guard Station New Orleans
Coast Guard Station Oakland;Coast Guard Island
Coast Guard Station Oswego
Coast Guard Station Panama City
Coast Guard Station Ponce de Leon
Coast Guard Station Port Huron
Coast Guard Station Raymondville
Coast Guard Station Rio Vista
Coast Guard Station Sault Saint Marie
Coast Guard Station Seattle
Coast Guard Station Shinnecock
Coast Guard Station Stillpond
Coast Guard Station Sturgeon Bay
Coast Guard Station Two Rivers
Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay
Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma
Coast Guard Yard
CoL RS McLaughlin Armoury
Cold Lake Air Weapons Range
Coller Rec Center
Colonel P. Schulstad United States Army Reserve Center
Colony Radar Bomb Scoring Site
Colorado National Guard
Columbus Air Force Base
Connaught Range and Primary Training Centre
Cornwall Armoury
Craney Island Fuel Depot
Creech Air Force Base
CSTI Training Site
Cuartel General de la 28a. Zona Militar
Cuartel Morelos 2da Región Militar
Cuddeback Lake Air Force Gunnery Range
Cudjoe Key Air Force Site
Cuerpo de Guardias Presidenciales
Curtis Bay Depot
Dade Correctional Institution
Dalhart Army Airfield #1 (Aband)
Dam Neck
Dare County Bombing Range
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
Defence R&D Canada – Ottawa
Defence Research and Development
Defense Distribution Center
Defense Intelligence Agency
Defense Mapping Agency
Defense Supply Center Columbus
Defense Supply Center Philadelphia
Defense Supply Center Richmond
Delaware National Guard Bethany Beach Training Site
Department of Defense
Department of National Defence
Deseret Chemical Depot
District of Columbia Armory
Dixie Target Range
DND Bedford Range
DND Property
DND Woodline Building
Dobbins Air Reserve Base
DoD Suffolk Complex
Dover Air Force Base
DPV Yard
DRDC Toronto
Driver Naval Radio Transmitting Facility
Dugway Proving Ground
Dugway Proving Ground (East)
Dugway Proving Ground (West)
Dyess Air Force Base
Edwards Air Force Base
Eglin Air Force Base
Eielson Air Force Base
Ekalaka Mini-Mutes Radar Site
Ellsworth Air Force Base
Elmendorf Air Force Base
Erie Armory
Escondido McMullen Range
Estacion Naval
Estacion Naval Playa Del Carmen
Estacion Navel De Busqueda Rescate
Ethan Allen Firing Range
Eustis National Guard Armory
F E Warren Air Force Base
Fairchild Air Force Base
Fallon Station
Fargo Air National Guard Base
Federal Aviation Administation
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Fifth Regiment Armory
Finland Air Force Station
Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare
Florida National Guard 690th MP Company Armory
Florida National Guard Armory
Florida National Guard Headquarters
FOB Glory
Ford Island Naval Reservation
Former Open Detonation Treatment Facility
Fort Baker Military Reservation
Fort Barrette
Fort Belvoir
Fort Belvoir South Post
Fort Benning
Fort Bliss
Fort Bliss - McGregor Range
Fort Bliss Castner Range
Fort Bragg
Fort Campbell
Fort Carson
Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center
Fort Custer Training Center
Fort Delaware
Fort Detrick US Military Reservation
Fort Devens
Fort Dix
Fort Douglas
Fort Drum
Fort Eustis
Fort Frontenac
Fort George G Meade
Fort Gordon
Fort Hood
Fort Howard Veterans Administration Hospital
Fort Hunter Liggett
Fort Indiantown Gap Training Site
Fort Irwin
Fort Jackson
Fort Knox
Fort Leavenworth
Fort Leonard Wood
Fort Lesley J. McNair
Fort Lewis
Fort McClellan
Fort McPherson
Fort Meade
Fort Missoula
Fort Myer
Fort Norfolk
Fort Polk South
Fort Richardson
Fort Riley
Fort Riley Military Reservation
Fort Sam Houston
Fort Shafter
Fort Sill
Fort Stewart
Fort Wainright
Fort Wainwright
Fort William Henry Harrison
Fort Yukon Air Force Station
Francis E. Warren Air Force Base
Freshman Field
Fuel Point
Galena Airport
Garnison St-jean
General Lucius D. Clay National Guard Center
General Purpose Warehouse Area
Girvin Emitter Site
Goodfellow Air Force Base
Goodyear Barracks
Grand Forks Air Force Base
Grissom AFB
GSA bldg
Guelph Armoury
Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport Air National Guard
H.M.C.S. York
Hamilton Air Force Base
Hammond Mini-Mutes Radar Site
Hancock Field Air National Guard Base
Hangar Presidencial
Hanscom Air Force Base
Havre Air Force Station
Hawthorne Army Depot
Haycreek Mini-Mute Radar Site
Heals Rifle Range
Helemano Military Housing
Helemano Military Reservation
Henri-Julien Armoury-Fusiliers Mont-Royal
Henry W. McMillan National Guard Armory
Heróico Colegio Militar
Hickam Housing
Hill Aerospace Museum
Hill Air Force Range
Hill FOB
HMCS Cabot
HMCS Carleton
HMCS Discovery
HMCS Malahat
HMCS Prevost
HMCS Quadra - Cadet Summer Training Centre
HMCS Tecumseh Armoury
Holland Drop Zone
Holloman afb military checkpoint
Holloman Air Force Base
Holston Army Amunition Plant (Area A)
Holston Army Amunition Plant (Area B)
Homestead Air Reserve Base
Homestead Base
Hulett Mini-Mutes Radar Site
Hunter Army Airfield
Hunters Point Annex
Hurlburt Field
III Región Militar
Illinois Air National Guard Midway Armory
Illinois National Guard General Jones Armory
Illinois National Guard Northwest Armory
Imperial Emitter Site
Indian Mountain Long Range Radar Site
Indiana National Guard
Inkey Barley Range
IOGMMC Explanada
Iowa Air National Guard
Iowa Army National Guard
Iowa Falls Armory
Iowa National Guard Armory
IX Zona Naval
Jackson Barracks
Jackson Barracks Air National Guard Station
Jackson Park Support Area
Jefferson Proving Grounds
Jericho Garrison
Joint Base Andrews
Joint Base Cape Cod
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek - Fort Story Central
Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek - Fort Story East
Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek - Fort Story East East
Joint-Use Area
Jose F Valdez United States Army Reserve Center - 405th Civil Affairs Battalion
Juniper Butte Annex Range
Kansas Army Ammunition Plant
Kansas National Guard
Kansas Regional Training Center Salina
Kapolei - Kalaeloa Harbor and Naval Shipyard
Kapyong Barracks
Keaukaha Military Reservation
Keesler Air Force Base
Kegelman Air Force Auxiliary Field
Kenora Armoury
Kilauea Military Camp
King Salmon Air Force Station
King Salmon Airport
Kirtland Air Force Base
Kirtland Underground Munitions Maintenance and Storage Complex
Kodiak Station
Kokee Air Force Station
Kotzebue Air Force Station
Kunia Regional SIGINT Operations Center
La Citadelle de Québec
La Posta Microwave Station
Lackland Air Force Base
Lackland Training Annex
Laguna Army Airfield
Lake City Army Ammunition Plant
Lakehurst Naval Air Station
Langley Air Force Base
Laughlin Air Force Base
Launch Facility A-02
Launch Facility A-03
Launch Facility A-04
Launch Facility A-05
Launch Facility A-06
Launch Facility A-10
Launch Facility A-11
Launch Facility B-02
Launch Facility B-03
Launch Facility B-04
Launch Facility B-06
Launch Facility B-07
Launch Facility B-09
Launch Facility B-10
Launch Facility B-11
Legion Parking Lot
Les casernes Connaught
Letterkenny Army Depot
Lieber Army Reserve Center
Lieutenant-General E. C. Ashton Armoury
Lima Army Tank Plant
Lincoln Communication Annex
Little Mountain Test Annex
Little Rock Air Force Base
Little Rock Airforce Base
Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant
Loom Lobby Range
Los Alamitos Army Air Field
Los Alamitos Reserve Center and Air Station
Los Angeles Air Force Base
Los Angeles Air Force Base (Fort Macarthur Housing Area)
Los Angeles Air Force Base (Pacific Crest Housing Area)
Los Angeles Air Force Base (Sun Valley)
Louisiana national Guard
Luke Auxiliary Airfield #1 (Closed)
M203 Range
MacDill Air Force Base
Maine Air National Guard Base
Makapuu Military Reservation
Makua Military Reservation
Malmstrom Air Force Base
Malstrom I-3 'Spanish Coulee' Minuteman III Missile Silo
Manège Militaire (Ruines)
Manège Militaire de Beauport
Manège Militaire de Salaberry
Manzano Base
Manzano Weapons Storage Entrance Area
March Air Reserve Base
Mare Island California Naval Shipyard
Marietta Air Force Station
Marine Barracks Washington
Marine Corp Recruit Depot Parris Island
Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort
Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Marine Corps Base Kaneohe
Marine Corps Base Quantico
Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany
Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow
Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center Bridgeport
Marine Corps Recruit Depot
Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego
Marine Corps Recruit Depot Sd
Marine Corps Recruit Depot Sd;Naval Base Point Loma (Anti-Submarine Warfare Command)
Marine Corps Reserve Support Command Kansas City
Marine Corps/Naval reserve Training Center Spokane
Marinette Armory
Martindale Army Heliport
Maryland Air National Guard
Maryland Army National Guard
Maryland Army National Guard - Olney Military Reservation
Maryland Army National Guard Notchcliff Reservation
Maryland National Guard
Massachusetts Military Reservation
Massachusetts National Guard
Matagorda Island AFB (Abandoned)
Mather AFB Munitions Storage (formerly)
Maxwell Air Force Base
Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base
McAlester Army Ammunition Plant
McClellan Air Force Base
McConnell Air Force Base
McEntire Air Guard Station
McGuire Air Force Base
McNary Field Heliport
Melrose Range
Meridian Naval Air Station
Mid Target
Milan Army Ammunition Plant
Milan Arsenal
Military Housing
Military Ocean Terminal Concord
Mill Valley Air Force Station
Minnesota National Guard Austin Armory
Minot Air Force Base
Minuteman III Missile Launch Facility A-02
Minuteman III Missile Launch Facility E-02
Minuteman III Missile Launch Facility E-03
Minuteman III Missile Launch Facility E-04
Minuteman III Missile Launch Facility E-05
Minuteman III Missile Launch Facility E-06
Minuteman III Missile Launch Facility E-09
Minuteman III Missile Launch Facility E-10
Minuteman III Missile Launch Facility E-11
Missile Alert Facility A-01
Missile Alert Facility B-01
Missile Alert Facility C-01
Missile Alert Facility D-01
Missile Alert Facility E-01
Missile Alert Facility F-01
Missile Alert Facility G-01
Missile Alert Facility H-01
Missile Alert Facility I-01
Missile Alert Facility J-01
Missile Alert Facility K-01
Missile Alert Facility L-01
Missile Alert Facility M-01
Missile Alert Facility N-01
Missile Alert Facility O-01
Missile Alert Facility P-00
Missile Alert Facility P-01
Missile Alert Facility Q-00
Missile Alert Facility Q-01
Missile Alert Facility R-00
Missile Alert Facility R-01
Missile Alert Facility S-00
Missile Alert Facility T-00
Mississippi Army Ammunition Plant
Mississippi Army National Guard
Missouri National Guard
Moody Air Force Base
Moody Air Force Base-Grand Bay Range
Moss Park Armoury
Mothball Fleet
Mott National Guard Armoury
Mount Laguna Air Force Station
Mountain Home AFB
Mountain Home Air Force Base
Mountain View Airfield
MS-20 Nike Missle Control Site (historic)
MS-20 Nike Missle Launch Site (historic)
MS-40 Nike Missle Site (historic)
MS-70 Nike Missle Launch Site (historic)
MS-90 Nike Missle Launch Site (historic)
Munitions Bunkers
Murphy Dome Air Force Station
Nanaimo Military Camp
NAS Norfolk Naval Shipyard - Paradise Creek South
NAS Norfolk Naval Shipyard - South Gate
NAS Norfolk Naval Shipyard - Southeastern Public Service Authority
NAS Norfolk Naval Shipyard - St Helena
NAS Oceana - Commissary
NAS Oceana - Midway Manor Housing
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA Langley Research Center
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
National Guard
National Guard Armory
National Guard Armory Grounds
National Guard Armory Harrodsburg
National Guard Base Military Training Area Camp Roberts
National Guard Base Mta Camp Roberts
National Guard Heritage Gallery
National Reconnaissance Office
National Solar Thermal Test Facility
Naval Air Station Adak
Naval Air Station and Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth
Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
Naval Air Station Dallas
Naval Air Station Fallon
Naval Air Station Jacksonville
Naval Air Station Key West
Naval Air Station Kingsville
Naval Air Station Lemoore
Naval Air Station Meridian
Naval Air Station New Orleans
Naval Air Station North Island
Naval Air Station Oceana
Naval Air Station Patuxent River
Naval Air Station Peary Court Annex
Naval Air Station Pensacola
Naval Air Station Whiting Field
Naval Air Station Willow Grove
Naval Air Warfare Center China Lake
Naval Air Warfare Center Warminster
Naval Amphibious Base Coronado
Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek
Naval Auxiliary Air Station Brown Field
Naval Auxillary Landing Field Fentress
Naval Base Coronado
Naval Base Kitsap - Bangor
Naval Base Kitsap - Fuel Storage
Naval Base Philadelphia
Naval Base Point Loma (Old Town Campus)
Naval Base San Diego
Naval Base San Diego (Broadway Complex)
Naval Base San Diego (Southwest Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command)
Naval Base Ventura County
Naval Base Ventura County (Construction Battalion Center Port Hueneme)
Naval Communications Station Stockton
Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific
Naval Construction Battalion Center Gulfport
Naval Fleet Operation Control Center Pacific
Naval Hospital Bremerton
Naval Industrial Reserve Ordnance Plant
Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP)
Naval Magazine Indian Island
Naval Operational Support Center
Naval Outlying Landing Field Barin
Naval Outlying Landing Field Bronson
Naval Outlying Landing Field Coupeville
Naval Outlying Landing Field Harold
Naval Outlying Landing Field Imperial Beach
Naval Outlying Landing Field Pace
Naval Outlying Landing Field Santa Rosa
Naval Outlying Landing Field Silverhill
Naval Outlying Landing Field Wolf
Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey)
Naval Postgraduate School annex
Naval Radio Station Cutler
Naval Research Lab
Naval Reservation San Clemente Island
Naval Reserve (San Nicolas Island)
Naval Reserve Center
Naval Ship Parts Control Center Mechanicsburg
Naval Station Bremerton
Naval Station Everett
Naval Station Great Lakes
Naval Station Ingleside
Naval Station Mayport
Naval Station Newport
Naval Station Norfolk
Naval Station Pascagoula
Naval Station San Diego
Naval Submarine Base Bangor
Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay
Naval Submarine Base New London
Naval Supply Center Red Hill
Naval Supply Detachment Monterey
Naval Support Activity Annapolis
Naval Support Activity Bethesda
Naval Support Activity Crane
Naval Support Activity Mid-South
Naval Support Activity New Orleans
Naval Support Activity Norfolk
Naval Support Activity Panama City
Naval Support Center
Naval Support Detachment Monterey
Naval Support Facility Indian Head
Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Division
Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane
Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Mainside
Naval Surface Weapons Center
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Naval Undersea Warfare Center Keyport
Naval Weapons Station Charleston
Naval Weapons Station Concord
Naval Weapons Station Earle
Navsoc Nswu -1
Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Center
Navy Operational Support Center Alameda
Navy Operations Sugar Grove ( Closed )
Navy: High pressure JP-5 fuel pipeline control facility
Navy: JP-5 fuel pipline access facility
Navy's Acoustic Research Detachment
NCSM Donnacona
Nebraska Avenue Complex
Nebraska National Guard Armory
Nellis AFB Weapons Storage Area
Nellis Air Force Base
Nevada National Security Site
Nevada Test and Training Range
New Boston Air Station
New Hampshire State Armory
New Jersey Army National Guard at Teaneck Armory
New Jersey National Guard Sea Girt Unit
New Mexico Air National Guard
New Mexico National Guard
New River Ordnance Works
New Scotland Ave Armory (historical)
New York Army National Guard
Newburyport & Merrimack River Coast Guard Station
Niagara Falls Air Force Base
Niagara Falls International Airport Air Reserve Station
Nike Site S-13/14
NOLF Site 8
North Boulder Army Base
North Riverside Armory
Noveno Regimiento de Caballería Motorizada. Quinta Zona Militar
NPTU Student Parking
NRS Mill Cove
NSA Norfolk - Northwest Annex
NSA Norfolk Naval Shipyard
NSA Norfolk Naval Shipyard - New Gosport Housing
NSA Norfolk Naval Shipyard - Paradise Creek North
NSA Norfolk Naval Shipyard - Scott Center Naval Annex
NSA Norfolk Naval Shipyard - St. Juliens Creek Annex
NSA Norfolk Naval Shipyard - Stanley Court Housing
NSA-AT&T's ECI Fairview Nassau SIGINT Station
NSA/CSS Georgia Cryptologic Center
NSA/CSS Hawaii Regional Operations Security Center
NWS Yorktown - New Kent
Obstacle Field
Offutt Air Force Base
Ogdensburg State Armory
Oklahoma National Guard
old NDMC
Onizuka AFS (Decommissioned)
Opheim Air Force Station
Oregon Air National Guard Kliever Memorial Armory
Oregon Department of the Military
Oregon National Guard
Oregon National Guard Armory
Orlando Naval Training Center
Osborne Head Navel Facility
Oscura Range Camp
Otis Afb
Owen Sound Armoury
PA National Guard
Pacific Missile Range Facility Barking Sands
Palehua Air Force Installation
Papago Army Air Support Field
Parade Ground
Parkers Pond Training Area
Patrick Air Force Base
Patuxent Naval Air Test Center
Patuxent River NAS
PAVE PAWS Site IV (decommissioned)
Pecos Electronic Scoring Site
Permanent High Explosives Test Site
Peterson Air Force Base
Picatinny Arsenal
Pikesville National Guard Armory
Pine Bluff Arsenal
Pinecastle Impact Range
Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site
Plant 1 Area
Plant 2 Area
Plant 3 Area
Plant 4 Area
Pōhakuloa Training Area
Point Arena Air Force Station
Point Lookout Tracking Station
Police Shooting Range
Polígono Naval de las Bajadas
Pope Field
Portland Air Guard Station
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Post Emitter Site
Presidio of Monterey
PT Course
Pueblo Chemical Depot
Queen Charlotte Armouries
R4808N - Air Force Flight Test Center (Detachment 3) - Area 51
Radar Site
Radar Station
Radford Army Ammunition Plant
Randolph AFB Auxiliary Field
Randolph Air Force Base
Range B
Range C
Range E
RDDC Valcartier
Reb Target
Redstone Arsenal
Remote Training Site Warnerspg
Reno/Tahoe International Airport Air Guard Station
Reserve Training Center
Reten Militar
Rhode Island Air National Guard
Rhodes Canyon Range Center
Rifle Range
Robins Air Force Base
Rochester Armory
Rocky Mountain National Army Cadet Summer Training Centre
Rome Laboratory
Romney Creek
ROTC Building
ROTC Leadership Development Center
Sacramento Armory
Salaberry Armoury
San Francisco Naval Communication Station - Stockton
San Joaquin Depot Sharpe
San Joaquin Depot Tracy
San Nicolas Island
Sault Ste Marie Armoury
Savanna Army Depot
Savannah Air National Guard Base
Savannah River Site
Saylor Creek Range
Schofield Barracks
Schofield Barracks East Range
Schriever Air Force Base
Scott Air Force Base
Seaforth Armoury
Seal Bay Armoury - The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's) - 5 Platoon B Company
Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station
Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station (Fallbrook Annex)
Seaplane Base
SEARAY Target Range Complex
Seattle Armory
Secretaría de Marina - 24 Batallón de Infantería de Marina - Guardias Presidenciales
Secretaría de Marina - Instalaciones Logisticas
Segunda Región Naval
Segunda Región Naval, Ensenada B.C.
Selfridge Air National Guard Base
Selfridge Army Garrison
Séptima Zona Militar
Sepulveda Air National Guard Station
Shade Tree Range
Shades of Green
Shadow Mountain
Shaw Air Force Base
Sheppard Air Force Base
Sicily Drop Zone
Sierra Army Depot
Silver Strand Training Complex
Smithers Emitter Site
Smokey Point Navy Support Complex
Smoky Hill Weapons Range
SNohomish Armory
Solomons Navy Recreation Center
South Dakota Army National Guard
Southern Tip Area
Southwest Warehouse Area
Space Fence Transmitting Site
Springfield Air National Guard Base
Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex
Starfire Optical Range
Staten Island Armory
Station des Forces canadiennes Alert
Station des Forces canadiennes Masset
Station des Forces canadiennes Mill Cove
Station des Forces canadiennes Shelburne
Ste-Catherine Armoury
Stewart Air Guard Station
Stone Ranch Military Reservation
Sudbury Armoury
Sugar Grove U.S. Naval Radio Station
Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant
Supervisor of Shipbuilding Conversion and Repair Facility Pascagoula
Susquehanna Ordinance Works Hydro Electric Station
Tatalina Long Range Radar Site
Tavares National Guard Armory
Telecommunications and Information Systems Command
Tennessee Air National Guard
Texas Armory National Guard
Texas Army National Guard
Texas Cryptologic Center
The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
The Ghost Fleet
The Royal Westminster Regiment
Tin City Air Force Station
Tinker Air Force Base
Tire FOB
Tobyhanna Army Deopt
Tonopah Test Range
Tooele Army Depot North Area
Townsend Air-To-Ground Range
Travis Air Force Base
Tripler Army Medical Center
Truman Annex
Truro Armoury
Tucson International Airport Air Guard Station
Tulsa Air National Guard
Tulum Naval Air Station
Tyndall Air Force Base
U S Airforce Vetro Site
U S Army Corp of Engineers
U S Army Reserve Center
U. S. Coast Guard Station Ketchikan
U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hunter Liggett
U.S. Army Reserve
U.S. Coast Guard CAMSLANT Transmitter Site Pungo
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Advanced Training Facility
U.S. Marshales Urban Village
U.S. Naval Observatory
U.S. Naval Surface Weapons Center Dahlgren Lab
U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Umatilla Chemical Depot
United States Air Force Academy
United States Air Force Plant 42
United States Army Reserve Training Center
United States Army Soldier Systems Center
United States Army: Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU)
United States Coast Guard
United States Coast Guard - Air Station Sacramento
United States Coast Guard - Yankeetown Station
United States Coast Guard Air Station
United States Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City
United States Coast Guard Long Range Navigation C station Boise City (discontinued)
United States Coast Guard Loran Support Unit
United States Coast Guard Sector Field Office Cape Hatteras
United States Coast Guard Sector Field Office Fort Macon
United States Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville
United States Coast Guard Station
United States Coast Guard Station Hatteras Inlet
United States Coast Guard Station Hobucken
United States Coast Guard Station New Haven
United States Coast Guard Station Oak Island
United States Coast Guard Station Oregon Inlet
United States Coast Guard Station Wrightsville Beach
United States Coast Guard Training Center
United States Naval Research Laboratory
United States Naval Reserve Training Center
Upper Air Station
Upper Kipapa Ammunition Storage Site
US Air Force Transmitting Center
US Army - National Ground Intelligence Center
US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
US Army Fort AP Hill
US Army Fort Lee Military Reservation
US Army National Guard
US Army National Guard Armory
US Army Reserve
US Army Reserve Center
US Army Reserve Centre
US Coast Guard
US Coast Guard (Cove Pt Lighthouse)
US Coast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay
US Coast Guard Station
US Coast Guard Station San Francisco
US Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
US Marine Corps Reserve
US Marine Corps Reserve Center
US Marine Corps Reserve Training Center
US Military Brandywine Communication Center
US National Guard
US Naval Electronic Systems Center
US Naval Health Clinic at Charleston
US Naval Reservation
US Naval Weapons Station Earle
US Navy BRAC Investigation Area
US Navy Hewitt Farms Housing
US Navy Lafayette River Complex
US Navy Special Designated Area
US Navy Supply Center Cheatham Annex
US Navy Yorktown Fuel Depot
USAF Academy Bullseye Auxiliary Airfield
USCG Station Eatons Neck
USCG Station Provincetown
USCG Training Center Yorktown
USCGC Roanoke island
USO Welcome Services
Utah Air National Guard
Utah National Guard Amory
Utah Test and Training Range
V Region Militar
V zona militar
Vance Air Force Base
Vancouver Barracks
Vandenberg Air Force Base
Vandenberg Air Force Base Launch Facility 03
Vandenberg Air Force Base Launch Facility 05
Vandenberg Air Force Base Launch Facility 07
Vandenberg Air Force Base Launch Facility 08
Vandenberg Air Force Base Launch Facility 09
Vandenberg Air Force Base Launch Facility 10
Vandenberg Air Force Base Launch Facility 24
Vandenberg Air Force Base Launch Facility 25
Vandenberg Air Force Base Launch Facility 26
Varnum Memorial Armory
Vehicle Storage
Vermont National Guard Armory
Verona Test Annex
Veterans Administration Clinic
Vint Hill Farms Station Military Reservation (Closed)
Virginia National Guard
Volk Field Air National Guard Base
Volunteer Training Site Catoosa
Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
Waianae Army Recreation Center
Waikane Valley Impact Area
Wakakalaua Ammunition Storage Tunnel
Wallops Flight Facility Launch Site
Wallops Flight Facility Main Base
Wallops Flight Facility Mainland
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Walter Reed Hospital Annex
Wappapello Training Site
Warren Grove Gunnery Range
Warren Grove Range
Warrenton Training Center Military Reservation
Wash Point
Washington National Guard
Washington Navy Yard
Watervliet Arsenal
Wenatchee Armory
West Coast Radio Receiving Station
West Point
West Point Military Reservation
Westover Air Reserve Base
Wheeler Army Airfield
Whidbey Island Naval Air Station
White Sands
White Sands Missile Range
Whitehall Armory
Whiteman AFB
Whiteman Air Force Base
William Armoury
William T. Fitzsimons US Army Reserve Center
Windsor Armoury
Wisconsin Army National Guard
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Wyoming Army National Guard Armory, Sheridan
X Zona Naval Militar
XII Region Militar
XX Regimiento Caballería Motorizado
XXIII Zona Militar