From Beijing to Berlin, to Cairo to Boston runs a secret Internet. Operating through front companies, dummy ASNs, and acquired hosting companies, this "internetwork" grows larger day by day. Its purpose is two-fold. First: to slowly outacquire, outmaneuver, and outflank Western aligned countries in the battle for Internet control. Second: it is to grow the surveillance powers and data storage of the organizations in charge of running it.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, companies selling databases that promise info on every person on Facebook, all of the private messages sent on Twitter in say the last two weeks, or the military deployment records of everyone in the Army, have existed for some time now.

Here you can see something called the Distributed Data Acquisition System. I have it both in the original Chinese and the translated English version.

The below screenshots come from yet another company, this time using the very information social media encourages us to collect as a weapon against the United States Navy.

I have heard multiple people argue that since all of the information they or whoever collect is public (it isn't always), that this is of no concern and merits no further investigation. These people remind me of the journalists at the NY Times, who after rejecting the Wyze story a week or so before I published it, would then two days later go to cover it. In other words they have no real policy as to what they will cover, but simply leave it up to the public to decide what does and doesn't get traction. I can live with this though, and find the general population as a whole an excellent judge of what should be looked into.

Here is another screenshot of data that is being acquired online. Why this is allowed to exist is beyond me. It is all public, it is all on the internet right now, and various attempts have been made to contact the parties hosting the data with no success.

Further posts in the coming days will delve deeper into what I think is going on here.