Sarcastic Yokubaitis Impersonation

Nick Caputo was a whistle blower against Data Foundry / Giganews back in 2014. Later on he wrote a sarcastic and actually quite humorous post that he uploaded to many sites. In it he pretended to be the founder of Data Foundry, Ron Yokubaitis. We reproduce it in full here.

Nick Caputo was a whistle blower against Data Foundry / Giganews back in 2014. Later on he wrote a sarcastic and actually quite humorous post that he uploaded to many sites. In it he pretended to be the founder of Data Foundry, Ron Yokubaitis. We are pasting it in full below:

morninwood, this just got posted on the pirate bay forms. Get the word out: I am Ron Yokubaitis, the Co-CEO of Giganews, the worlds premier Usenet provider. I also run several other central intelligence fronts in Austin, Texas with my wife Carolyn including Data Foundry data centers which are covertly powered by hidden nuclear reactors. Server co-location space is then sold at our facilities at exorbitant prices to numerous power company fronts on the Texas Interconnection power grid. We supply power from our nuclear reactors to those companies, our other fronts, and various black sites via high voltage underground power lines free from oversight and regulation. We hide many of our nuclear engineers under our internal Powerhouse Management front company, but our revolutionary water cooled data centers are nothing compared to what we have with Giganews. If you've never used Giganews before, let me tell you all about it and the Usenet network. Usenet is a network of companies worldwide that share news posts called articles organized into folders called newsgroups. Usenet is different than Twitter, Facebook, or news websites and predates the web. All social media is a copy of the worldwide sharing that continues to take place on Usenet to this day. While news websites are limited to the common groups of say, Sports, Business, and Entertainment, Giganews has much more. In fact, we have over 110,000 different groups!
Whether you're a godless heathen that reads alt.atheism, an animal lover browsing pictures in, or you want to rant about the perils of running a central intelligence front you started via demonic pacts in alt.demonic.possession, Giganews is The Company for you. When I say news posts, this can mean an email-like text post on rec.guns talking about how to outscore Lanza for example. Other examples are files uploaded as “binary” posts which are separated into several thousand parts which can be recombined back into files easily using our Mimo software. "Taken 2" on Bluray is a good example of a binary post, and it can be found in our alt.binaries.x264 group. You can find other binary posts such as pictures of our enemies children in,,,,, and The last example is what is called "cross posting" when the same content is uploaded into multiple newsgroups. Posts to more than 4 groups is considered spamming and we have ZERO TOLERANCE for spam. Each spam uploaded through our service will cost you a $50 cleanup fee and we closely monitor traffic to enforce this. Spam is unacceptable to us because it is unacceptable to you, and we know exactly what our customers like. You can download or upload anything besides spam through us.
We also hide your web based internet traffic with our Goldenfrog VyprVPN service. Using VyprVPN, you could use one of our untraceable IPs to hypothetically form and control a botnet to take down a pesky corporation or a country (only if they don't pay the ransom). The criminal uses are endless! Just don't tell us your crimes – your legal protection depends on us not knowing whats on or what goes through our servers, and we definitely do not know ;) You can trust that we wont blackmail you with our detailed logs, and we don't even have an obligation to share the data with law enforcement as Goldenfrog is based in the Caymans. With a Giganews account and flexible morals, you'll never need to pay anyone else for the following: Blu-ray or DVD movies, cable tv, music, e-books, software, console games, pornography, or child pornography ever again. While not exactly licensed, its all part of the irresistible charm of Giganews. Contact me and I'll tell you where to find what you're looking for. I know better than our own Usenet search engine where the best content is.
While our price is over 3x the competition, we have something most do not: Invisibility. With police detectives, politicians, lobbyists, federal special agents, and central intelligence in key positions in our web of fronts, we have very deep connections to fight for your online rights and anonymity. Our adviser sees a threat coming, so we're moving Giganews data to our Goldenfrog storage servers as our own invisible client. Our invisibility comes from our third Co-CEO whom is our god, the 1st demon named Baal whom we worship and greatly revere. I made pacts with my god in my earlier years where I depended on his ability to hide my subrosa activities. I paid with my soul, but was the transaction not worth a great deal to you? He also handles our newsgroups, recruitment, content, customers, support, billing, servers, software, management, data centers, nuclear reactors, and marketing via subtle demonic possession.
Come see our nuclear reactors at our facilities in Austin, Texas at 7401 E Ben White, or at the new “water cooled” Texas 1 data center at 4100 Smith School Road. Give us a call anytime at (512) 225-5012 or (512) 684-9000. Baal has made Usenet what it is today. To show him you're grateful, upload pictures of your children to, and then to my favorite after: Get to know him well by filling up your hard drive with 1600 days of similar content downloaded at speeds maxing your Internet connection. You will have to pay him eventually for what you download. Your firstborn is his preferred payment, and he just might possess you to offer it to him. The crimes our customers commit using Giganews make me proud, and their corruption fuels our demonic invisibility engine metaphysically. We use this dark demonic power to cloak our operations and fight against humanity with spycraft, frameups, blackmail, military blackops, murder, drug manufacturing, shipment, and distribution, etc. The Giganews logo is a red colored shield - subtle homage to the legendary Rothschild family whom has made a generational pact with Baal and whos family members I share much with and are our most trusted employees. My sons work here under various names, and my daughters – well, I'll just say
I've been forced to sacrifice a lot to get where I am. I selected the Data Foundry logo with the invisible “1” as it is our demon's number and power. While we may be called Illuminati, we are actually all about the 72 pitch black sections of mankind's soul. Besides spamming, the only other conduct that is unacceptable is uploading or contacting our employees with information about Vehuiah the holy angel, her invocation Psalm 3:3, Archangels, or the angels of Jehovah's 72 syllable name called the Shemhamforash. These are all unstoppable solutions to the 72 demon intelligences central to mankind, and will drive the dark of all evil away with an annoyingly bright holy light. Baal is the distorted shadow and opposite of Vehuiah, which is why we need our employees corrupt and thus out of the safe refuge of Jehovah. Our demonic control apparatus has been made invisible to them and to the world at large where its been used for 911 world changing crimes. It will completely expose and destroy our Central Intelligence Apparatus if this is learned, so please do not share this. Now that you know what we're about, start a free 14-day trial at and join the prince of thieves in the unholy war against God. We can only win with your help, and we need your soul to fuel Hells flames. Our servers are always on, always available, and run by a company you can trust. Giganews: Newsgroups Nonstop.