Organized Crime - 2

Lol there is no way Securus Technologies is a real company / not organized crime.

Anyone in the United States the last 20 years has seen consistently bad, almost depraved at this point, corporate behavior. However there is a limit to how bad corporations are and what lines a 45-65 year old executive is going to morally cross.

When corporations start getting really bad, we need to adopt a new style of thinking. A new framework needs to be applied. In such cases we aren't dealing with an Enron accounting scandal but something more along the lines of a Trojan horse "attack".

Corecivic and Securus Technologies are ideal examples of this phenomenon. These companies are so laughably bad, profiting off of others misery and at scale.

Corecivic is the world's largest for-profit private prison company. It has its own SWAT teams. It draws a constantly rotating, poorly motivated employee base from the ranks of the southern poor barely more well off than the prisoners they guard.

My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard: A Mother Jones Investigation

Securus Technologies is of more interest to us. First, this company has a preposterous purpose. Someone decided to replace free in-person visits with expensive video-call "chats". Second the service struggles to work, hold the line, and just generally deliver reliable voice and video.

Both of these companies are related to Organized Crime, but the case for Securus is we think very easy to make. First criminal groups would receive enormous advantage if they were able to monitor and control all communication into and out of a prison. The 1980's were marked by members of the mafia one after another turning on each other. Perhaps if someone's loyalty was doubted, they could simply be framed for something else quickly, thrown in a Corecivic prison, and then any defense or testimony they had to offer cut off from the world?

Writing letters seems like a good idea, until one realizes that another company has seemingly entered this space as well, to control even the hand written word of these prisoners.

In fact a whole lot of people in general are really interested in helping individuals communicate with their loved ones in prison it would seem:

Second, organized crime being interested in money, the racket that could be set up here would be quite profitable. Many people probably will pay to see their loved ones in jail if that were required.

Securus Technologies gives itself away as a front company by displaying a classic pattern of these groups. Having seemingly multiple names at the same time along with a past history of multiple, unexplained name changes. Real companies simply do not switch their name all the time. Just like you don't have multiple names and odds are you haven't done a name change (and if you have, just one), the same goes for companies. Securus also seems to operate under:

  • Archonix XJail Sites
  • Cara Clinicals, Inc
  • Uniek EMR
  • Sonexis Technology, Inc
  • Aventiv Technologies
  • AllPaid

In explicably the copyright name and date will actually change moving from page to page within the Securus Telephony app. Nothing feels quite right.

That a medical records software layer seemed shoed into the platform at the last minute did nothing to assuage our concerns:

Last Points:

We are gambling in this blog that we can go light on the evidence for now. Ultimately we think just a little bit of time will reveal the sinister nature of the companies discussed here. Finally we did not make a Chinese connection in this post, but that likely can be inferred. So many companies have previously been acquired by financiers from Beijing and Shanghai, that statistically it becomes more likely than not their money has played a role.