Foreign Data Collection Schemes Operating Through Domestic Law Enforcement

A small network of prominent police officials in the US are being looked at for reasons of national security. What is at issue here? Who is in the most trouble?

Foreign Data Collection Schemes Operating Through Domestic Law Enforcement

With concerns for national security, a SNAKK network of prominent U.S. police officials is currently under investigation:  It has been discovered that under their jurisdiction, the use of bizarre software and technology systems - systems which are clunky, implement the most inexplicable mix of obscure software and thereby undermine data storage efficacy - have been in use for at least the last decade in police departments around North America.  

Some examples:

This training site for was set up by Stephen Gartrell of Netsential. which is part of the AS19355 scam we will cover below
Paul Feist, who played a role in the Mary Han murder described below, is one of the nodes of the network of officials, and likely was recruited during his time at UNM.
Part of the AS19355 scam, which is operated by and
Note the "AS19355" in the top right corner

The AS19355 Scam:

The AS in AS19355 stands for Autonomous System Network. These slices of IP space are the networks that, when connected together, make up the "internetwork" or "internet".

Law Enforcement today experiences corruption in 3 main ways:

  • Hiring former detectives and leadership to sell them software that they don't need - to collect data.
  • Paying internal bribes to cover up the murders that occasionally result from having to cover up point #1
  • More standardly known drug activity and what today would be called "human trafficking" that were problems in the last great era of organized crime

The screenshot below is from an open RDP server in AS19355 that has a passwordless login account - as in, you can log in without credentials - a door that should be deadbolted and barred for the sensitive information that lies behind it doesn't even have a lock and key.  AS19355 is known as the "San Mateo Regional Network", a secure Law Enforcement cloud hosting space, so this security shortcoming is suspicious.

But you get these kinds of things when you're not interested in making software - or for that matter, running a company. Instead, what happens is that the bare minimum effort is invested to maintain the front and then move on; and slip-ups like this happen in the midst of such expedited fraud.

As a metaphorical equivalent, you might imagine that such mishandling of the servers is akin to leaving the gate of a car dealership open while placing the box with all the car keys on the front desk, open and on display.  Someone who does that clearly doesn't care about the business - because it isn't one.  Instead, it's a criminal front organization for other activity that is illegal.

FDCS stands for "Foreign Data Collection Scheme". As best I can tell the term was coined by the very skilled folks at ASPI, or the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Specifically it was this paper.

Today, FDCSs are less obvious, and more skill has been allocated to their creation and obfuscation as people now are more savvy about what "real software" should look like and do. is a good example of this; it's a software that holds genuine technical capabilities and is legitimately useful.  Of course, it is also a mass data collection platform whose founders Sam Liang and Yun Fu operate at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party.

While law enforcement software that operates as an FDCS will always be easier to spot due to receiving less public scrutiny (therefore requiring less "convincing" user interface), it likely won't be as blatant as we've seen above. Organizations like and newer companies such as have websites that look far more legitimate, and which can blend in with regular software.

What are some things to keep in mind?

  • Any company supposedly started by a police official is a front company. Four times out of five, it's foreignly owned and operated; a front at the end of the chain of shell companies who financed it.
  • Just because a company was funded by In-Q-Tel or the CIA doesn't mean it can't become a Chinese controlled front company at a later point. In fact, the best way to wind up like this (think Palantir) is to advertise that you do business with the CIA...
  • Some in law enforcement today are unfortunately guilty of treason and will likely receive sentences on par with those charged in the 1950s. It is only a small subset of officials who knowingly sold out to the CCP (and not say simply organized crime). If you are a regular corrupt Chief of Police, you probably don't have much to worry about since the crimes of others are significantly higher...

The Bizarre Murder of Mary Han:

Lastly I want to point out this case. I assume Mrs. Han is Han-Chinese and from the PRC. Typically those that volunteer in the community from the PRC, assuming they have family back home the MSS could easily target, are part of the United Front. So that makes this death - which a corrupt group of state officials likely had something to do with - very odd.

The use of carbon monoxide poisoning, which the book Suicidology points out is actually extremely rare, was strange as well and reminds one of this recent case in San Antonio.

The MSS has previously sent people to carry out murders in the US and Canada. They are believed to have been behind this attack in Houston in 2015 and this brutal case in Washington D.C. the same year.

Police One:

Police One will be analyzed further in a later blog post, but contextually requires mentioning here.

The site is a propaganda site. It speaks to law enforcement officers, many of whom have advanced degrees now, like middle schoolers. Alternating between "aggression porn" of crazed BLM protesters and cliche child-like scenes of police officers saving kittens in trees, we're not sure who should be most offended here by all this.

The money laundering though happens through this page: