Recently we came across  a report from Senator Grassley's Senate website that alleged that a Chinese company hacked into Secretary Hillary Clinton's email server.

There is a famous quote in cybersecurity about there being two types of companies. Those that have been hacked by the Chinese and those that just don't know it yet.

With this in mind we don't seek to blame Secretary Clinton for anything below, but simply submit the following evidence as further proof of Chinese hacking across the Western world.

Additionally, had Secretary Clinton used her official State Department email, it is almost certain Chinese hackers would have viewed her correspondence there nearly as easily. Even to this day there are many areas of that one can see webshells, backdoors, and other malware on that points back to the People's Republic of China.

The report begins very clearly:

The Carter Heavy Industries email address: served as a live "dropbox" for all of Secretary Clinton's emails

Who is Carter Heavy Industries?

Based on WHOIS data that matches the gmail address, it appears to be this company, found at

But who is Carter Industries really?

This page seems to suggest strong links to the Chinese Communist Party. It would also be unusual for an excavation / construction company in China to not be affiliated with the People's Liberation Army to some degree as well.

Screenshot from

30k emails were secretly forwarded to Carter:

All but 4 of 30,000 emails were forwarded to the Carter address.

Clinton never communicated intentionally with

A common tactic of hackers is to get the emails of a target secretly forwarded to them.

Metadata from actual messages:

Emails being secretly forwarded from to can be seen below in the X-SMTP-* header metadata of various Clinton emails:

Email example #1
Email example #2